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Meet Your Board & Staff


Your Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are the volunteers elected to oversee the Credit Union on behalf of the members. They are responsible for policy and direction, ensuring that members’ money is safe, for compliance with law and good practice, for encouraging saving and providing fair access to credit. We are always looking for suitably qualified volunteers to join the board. Full training is offered. Please see the Volunteers page or contact Tim Pagan for more information.

 The current directors are:

Mark Plummer

Mark Plummer The President is responsible for overseeing the efficient operation of the Credit Union and chairs meetings of the Board and the AGM. The President also promotes the Credit Union and provides leadership and direction. Mark is also lead Director on marketing, communications, social media and the website.

Paul Treece
Treasurer & IT

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the overall finances of the Credit Union. This includes systems of control, preparation of accounts and reports for the Board, regulators and auditors, monitoring and reporting on performance. Paul is also responsible for IT Strategy.

Donna Davis
Risk Management & Compliance

Leads on ensuring that the Credit Union complies with existing and new legislation and regulatory requirements and is responsible for all matters concerning risk management.

Bill Hackney

Bill Hackney Responsible to the Board for the management of complaints.

Barney Hearnden
Director & Secretary

Barney Hearnden The Secretary is responsible for efficient governance, including preparation of agenda and minutes for Board meetings and AGM's, as well as briefing the Board on its legal and regulatory obligations. The Secretary also oversees compliance with the Senior Managers and Certification Regimes.

Keith Howick
Director & Vice President
Credit Control

Keith Howick Responsible for the Credit Union's policies and procedures on credit control.

Geoff Cave
Member Engagement

Geoff Cave Leads on the Credit Union's member engagement, including working to promote the active involvement of members in the Credit Union.

Tim Pagan

Tim Pagan
Responsible for oversight of human resources within the Credit Union, including recruitment and retention of staff and volunteers and policy on training.

Gareth Hall
Strategy & Business Planning

Gareth Hall Lead director on development of Credit Union strategy and preparation/updating of business plans.

Jane Gregory
Deputy Treasurer

Jane Gregory Supports the Treasurer with the time consuming and complex tasks overseeing the Credit Union's finances and regulatory returns.

Oluwafela Ajayi
Health & Safety

Responsible for health and safety within the Credit Union.

Louisa Papadouri

Louisa Papadouri Responsible for the Credit Union's lending policies.


Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is comprised of volunteers elected from among the members of the credit union. The current members of the Committee are as follows:

Barney Wanstall
Supervisory Chair

The Supervisory Committee is “the eyes and ears of the membership” of a credit union, sometimes called the “members’ watchdog”. Its responsibilities are discharged by monitoring the actions of the staff and Board of Directors and by undertaking reviews of specific areas of the organisation’s work.

Mark O'Connor

Ash Saluja

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO has day to day management responsibility for the running of the credit union and is responsible to the Board for customer service, staff and premises amongst many other things.

Ravi Ravindran
CEO & Money Laundering Reporting Officer

  The CEO has day to day management responsibility for the running of the Credit Union and is responsible to the Board for customer service, staff and premises amongst many other things.




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